Pushing human mobility further.

B-Temia combines robotics with AI to help people maintain and regain autonomy during rehabilitation and in daily life.

We are B-temia

We design and manufacture Smart Powered Orthoses to amplify human mobility.

Our team's activities have enabled us to develop a new generation of powered orthoses designed to push the boundaries of biomechatronics into a new area of applications: Dermoskeletics.

Dermoskeletics combines the sciences of robotics and artificial intelligence to improve the quality of life for individuals with musculoskeletal weakness or instability of the extremities—including neurodegenerative diseases, neurological disorders, orthopaedic conditions, and myopathies.

Pushing the boundaries of biomechatronics.

Our solutions.

B-Temia's products incorporate our proprietary dermoskeleton technology.

Dermoskeletons are an advanced class of powered braces/exoskeletons that follow the wearer's movement, assisting the user as needed.

While typical exoskeletons control the user's motion (moving them), dermoskeletons follow the user's body, providing strength and support, augmenting their natural motion (the user controls the movement).


  • Our intuitive software ensures the wearer is always in
  • control, providing assistance only when needed.
  • Keeogo does not move for the wearer. It helps with their movements,
  • allowing them to go further than their muscles would normally allow
  • Incorporates our proprietary dermoskeleton technology.
  • Medical device for rehabilitative purposes.

CE approved for personal use: walk freely and more securely.

FDA/CE approved for professional use: provides additional strength and support to help facilitate exercises during rehabilitation.


We are human-focused engineering experts dedicated to prolonging a person's autonomous mobility.

With decades of specialized expertise in robotics and mobility disorders, our well-rounded team is leading all aspects of Dermoskeletics, including human factors, biomechanics, mechanics, electronics, firmware, and AI.

Thanks to our expertise, combined with close collaborations with key opinion leaders, rehabilitative healthc are specialists, and research centres, we have developed a robust knowledge of how technology can benefit those losing their ability to walk.

Leveraging our AI-based technology and its integration with the human body, we aim to improve human mobility in every aspect of life, from rehabilitation to daily activities in community.

Our current partnerships:

At B-Temia Inc., we are pioneering the future of human mobility with cutting-edge robotic technologies designed to enhance human biomechanics. As a leader in the development of wearable robotics, our flagship product, Keeogo, demonstrates our commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals facing mobility challenges.

Since 2017, B-Temia has been closely collaborating with Wistron to manufacture and commercialise B-Temia's Keeogo in Asia.

Since 2023, Ossur has distributed Keeogo in many EU countries.

Since 2024, DIH has distributed Keeogo in North America

Our previous partners:

Adapted our dermoskeletal technology to counter musculoskeletal injuries affecting soldiers and workers in hazardous and heavy duty environments.  

You share our vision and are interested in investing in. Be part of a journey to redefine human potential and join our commitment to building a future where technology enhances human capabilities in profound ways.

Explore the opportunities B-Temia offers to make a lasting impact in people lives on a global scale.

Available worldwide.

B-Temia has business entities and partnerships around the world.

MediMex - France
1 allée Alban Vistel Sainte Foy-Les-Lyons 69110 France
DIH Holding US Inc. - United States
77 Acord Park Dr. Suite D-1 , Norwell, Ma 02061
Össur B.V. Netherland - Netherland
70 De Schakel Eindhoven Noord Brabant Netherlands (NL) 5651GH
ReBotic Technologies Ltd. - Great Britain
Hanborough Business Park 18 Lodge Road, Long Hanborough Oxfordshire Great Britain (GB)
Wistron Medical Technology - Taiwan
5 F., NO. 5, XIN-AN RD., EAST DIST. Hsinchu City 30076 Taiwan

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